“YE00906” Cáp Belden BUS / KNX 2x2x0.8mm Solid, LSZH / FRNC jacket , CPR Eca | Chính Hãng – Giá Tốt Nhất

“YE00906” Cáp Belden BUS / KNX 2x2x0.8mm Solid, LSZH / FRNC jacket , CPR Eca | Chính Hãng – Giá Tốt Nhất

Product: YE00906
KNX, 4C0.8mm Sol BC, PO ins, OS, LSNH Jkt, Eca

KNX is an open standard (see EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543) for commercial and domestic building automation. KNX devices can manage lighting, blinds and shutters, HVAC, security systems, energy management, audio video, white goods, displays, remote control, etc. KNX evolved from three earlier standards; the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus). It can use twisted pair (in a tree, line or star topology), powerline, RF, or IP links . On this network, the devices form distributed applications and tight interaction is possible. This is implemented via interworking models with standardised datapoint types and objects, modelling logical device channels.

Product Description

KNX, 2 Pairs 0.8 mm AWG Bare Copper – Solid, Polyolefin (PO, PE, PP) insulation, Overall Beldfoil® shielding, LSZH / FRNC jacket , CPR Eca

Technical Specifications

Product Overview
Suitable Applications: KNX, EIB cable for building management

Physical Characteristics (Overall)


Stranding Material Cross Section Nominal Diameter No. of Pairs
Solid BC – Bare Copper 0.5 mm² 0.8 mm 2

Conductor Count: 4


Material Nominal Diameter Diameter +/- Tolerance Nominal Wall Thickness
PE – Polyethylene 1.6 mm 0.05 mm 0.4 mm

Color Chart

Number Color
Quad 1 White & Red & Yellow & Black

Outer Shield Material

Type Material Material Trade Name Coverage [%] Thickness of Foil Drainwire Material Drainwire Diameter
Tape Bi-Laminate (Alum+Poly) Beldfoil® 100% 9 µm TC – Tinned Copper 0.4 mm

Outer Jacket Material

Material Nominal Diameter Diameter – Tolerance Nominal Wall Thickness
LSZH – Low Smoke Zero Halogen (Flame Retardant) 6.3 mm 0.3 mm 1.4 mm

Construction and Dimensions


1 quad covered with a polyester foil

Electrical Characteristics

Conductor DCR

Max. Conductor DCR
37.5 Ohm/km


Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor
50 pF/m


Voltage Rating [V]
300 V

Electrical Characteristics Notes: Testvoltage 4 kV, 1 min

Temperature Range
Storage Temp Range: -30°C to +70°C
Operating Temp Range: -20°C To +70°C

Mechanical Characteristics
Min. Bend Radius During Installation: 31.5 mm
Min Setting Radius: 63 mm

CPR Euroclass: Eca
Other Specification: KNX REG 109/7254/05

Applicable Environmental and Other Programs
Environmental Space: Indoor – Euroclass Eca

Flammability, LS0H, Toxicity Testing
IEC Flammability: IEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60754-1 (EN50267-1)- Halogen Amount: Zero
IEC 60754-2 – Halogen Acid Gas Amount – Max. Conductivity: 2.5 µS/mm
IEC 60754-2 – Halogen Acid Gas Amount – Min. pH: 4.3

Part Number

Item # Color Put-Up Type Length EAN
YE00906.00100 Green Reel 100 m 8719605112835
YE00906=00100 Green Reel 100 m 8719605162625
YE00906.00500 Green Reel 500 m 8719605112859
YE00906=00500 Green Reel 500 m 8719605161390
YE00906.001000 Green Reel 1,000 m 8719605112842
YE00906=001000 Green Reel 1,000 m 8719605161383
YE00906=K01000 Green Reel 1,000 m 8719605161376

Update and Revision: Revision Number: 0.168 Revision Date: 07-30-2021


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